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Heaven Pet Shop was established at Gola Road More, Bailey Road, Patna by Mrs. Vinita. We are having all range of pets, healthy food products and accessories in our shop. All our products are of a high quality available at competitive prices in all leading pet shops across India.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality pet which suits their need to the best. All our pets are vet checked and are raised at homely environment, so that their temperament remains cool and they adjust to their new homes easily. It was only in the 19th century that the first pedigree (with a family lineage) breeds were developed. In fact, more than 300 breeds and varieties are recognised now, the main distinguishing characteristics being head shape and the length of hair. With over hundreds of satisfied customers Heaven Pet shop is proving its quality and determination to the pet industry today. We provide different facility to our customers. At Heaven Pet Shop we try our level best to place our pets in loving and caring homes. Our customers need not to worry on their pet quality, health and temperament. Our truthfulness and sincerity makes the client free from tension of money transaction.

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